the tracing

Definition of Tracing:

1. To follow the course of
2. To discover 
3. To draw (a line or figure)
4. To form (letters) 
5. To follow closely 
6. To imprint (a design) 
7. To record (a variable)


larah moravek is an interior designer creating and living in new york city.

the tracing was conceptualized in 2010 when larah took a sojourn to india and asia. today, the tracing continues  documenting the visual inspirations found in the world around her.


all photography by larah v moravek.


© 2012, larah v moravek inc. | LVMinc
all rights reserved



my dearest friend, juliette spencer welcomed her 40th year with grace, wit and beauty.

the soho house hosted the birthday bash and the night was ours to relish.
here are some flickers in time captured from the celebration.
of course, the lady of the evening was more radiant than ever... juliette stole the show.

CHEERS --- to life only getting better.



progress makes perfect

in the midst of construction at the goodwin, i found perfection in the yet to be determined.

progress makes perfect.

the restaurant is slated to open this summer --- so in meantime, i took the rare opportunity to document the job site when it was free of all the trades executing their craft. i came equipped with my new piece of arsenal, canon 5D, and captured the beauty in the details.

... they say, make the ordinary - extraordinary. i found a piece of that, that day.






an impromptu visit to the guggenheim unveiled quite a production by maurizio cattelan titled simply, all. it is his retrospective set in the most unconventional way.

a master of puppetry of sorts suspended from the atrium with notions of humor, pain, tragedy and whimsy. maurizio cattelan had the last laugh.



this installation is atypical of my aesthetic, nevertheless it has conviction and passion. it clearly shows a point of view that is solid in its foundation.

"all" reminded me that we each engage in the play of life with a cast of characters of our choosing and we each orchestrate the final act of these various chapters within the narrative... and sometimes, to leave and let be is more powereful then to act.



ghost riders

a pit stop at churchill downs brought on a sense of ghost riders from lifetimes past ---

when does one visit churchhill downs on an off day?

well i did and it was marvelous. to see rows and rows of "patrons to be" lined up, fresh soil turned on the tracks and crisp light to set the stage. the only motion in reality was the faint breeze whistling past, no outlandish screams, hackling laughter or unforgiving crowds to tend to. just me and the infamous shadows of churchill downs to be each other's dance partner for a short while in time.

although it was not empty to say the least. the sheer presence of ghost riders was all around and i felt the reverberation of rhythmic hoofs within my steps.

it was such a delightful pit stop. i am not sure if a follow up visit is needed.



the goodwin

the inception of the goodwin begun in September 2010 whilst i was still in vietnam, on the backend of my travels and as i pondered about the unknown before me, this opportunity arose. 

the goodwin is a restaurant located in the west village of NYC - it is situated in a landmarks building where the street level will be occupied by the restaurant. i have known the owners for over 10 years now and have worked with them on multiple design projects and now, as we commence a new year, they too are commencing a new endeavor and are allowing the love of food and company to guide them into this new venture. cheers to them.  the goodwin is scheduled to open spring 2012 and i have been lucky enough to spearhead the interiors of the project. it has been a labor of love by all.

illustration provided by owners

one of the many perks i embrace since founding my own company is working with my peers in a range of capacities as projects and opportunities allow. the goodwin brought on this opportunity. they were in need of a graphics package ranging from signage to menus to logos etc.... i knew the right person. i brought on my dear friend and talented graphics designer, catherine mangosing and so far, what a success it has been.

with the new year among us, i would like to share a peek of things to come...

the goodwin has begun to share its street presence amongst the neighborhood. the storefront is installed and the signage is done.  the goodwin found its name from the land it resides on.  some many, many years ago this piece of property was part of a 300 acre tobacco farm owned by the family, Goodwin & Co... hence the owners went with the name, the goodwin.  below are a few snapshots showing the process from our exterior rendering to the real live storefront making its name known along hudson street.



i very much look forward to opening the doors of the goodwin later this year.

what a great way to start off 2012 --- let's get it rollin'