the tracing

Definition of Tracing:

1. To follow the course of
2. To discover 
3. To draw (a line or figure)
4. To form (letters) 
5. To follow closely 
6. To imprint (a design) 
7. To record (a variable)


larah moravek is an interior designer creating and living in new york city.

the tracing was conceptualized in 2010 when larah took a sojourn to india and asia. today, the tracing continues  documenting the visual inspirations found in the world around her.


all photography by larah v moravek.


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all rights reserved


P O P !

for some reason, the contrast in graphic, silhouette and content keeps reverberating in my mind as POP, it is all POP!

i found these POPs in the city of angels, aka LA, and they sparked two extremes of visual POP. the POP is instant and strong.

one was the very recognizable work of Shepard Fairey.  the work devoured an office building along LaBrea and all sides of the building are tended to with his vision and with many sets of hands from his crew. the two prominent sides have such an impact for drive-by's and walk-by's (pertaining to myself, being a New Yorker and all). shepard fairey's mark is unmistakable. 



the other is the classic curvatures and shadows of Griffith Observatory.  here the subject feels a bit more detached but give it a few minutes to settle in. the way the structure pierces the sky resonates a POP. the negative spaces say it all. and that timeless view of los angeles rolling off the cuff of the observatory's perimeter, what more can you ask for.

in each of these feats, they conjure up an experience, were all the nerve endings go POP. they give their audience a moment to remember. success, that is what it is, success.



fall b a c k

a recent train ride and trip up the hudson brought in some vivid and cinematic moments of fall and the beauty in the simplicity of mother nature.

e n j o y.



a park view ---

On a recent hot, sticky summer's day I took refuge and went for a walk in the City Hall Park which afforded me a fabulous park view ---

The PUBLIC ART FUND has given us the gift of various SOL LEWITT structures composed throughout the grassy grounds of this downtown park.  As I wondered through, I could not help but feel the intensity of the bustling motion of NY life and the untamed grassy plinths... They acted the part, the perfect part against the purity and severity of Sol LeWitt's structures... it was as if this modern jungle had been pierced by a piece of clarity we all long for...  A mission well executed and very much well liked.

So much of the time, I feel like I am on the cusp of seeing that one exhibition just in time but this time, this exhibition is not so fleeting ... There is time.  The structures will be on view on the grounds until December 3rd.  By all means, do not miss it. It is one worth pondering around under the shady foliage, even if it means making an atypical stop. Full stop.




obx otherwise known as the outer banks is a peninsula of land off the coast of north carolina and virginia.

i spent a week of some much needed R&R in the town of corolla. corolla is situated at the northern point of the peninsula where i relished in the sea, sun and sand... as well as in some other simple pleasures that sustained the soul... all the while having a good old time and going back to the basics.


cobalt umbrellas to claim your "beachthe perfect beach viewthe set-uphigh as a kitelet's not forget a game of croquetcastle dreamingexpanding my perspectivewild spanish mustangscorolla lighthousethe "anywhere" cabanacastaways welcomesunset skies


PS: Ace

a getaway to the desert sun of Palm Springs gave me a chance to check out the Ace Hotel establishment.  smart moves.

especially in the rooms --- 2 of my favorite moves are the offset wood slat panels and the utilitarian canvas panels adorning the walls and drapery... and lets not forget the pool --- the sun visors and misters, such a must and so favorable to the eye.


last but not least, a stop at the dinosaurs in cabazon on route back to LA. short + sweet.